Q: What if I have certain allergies?

A: All ingredients are listed for each product, however please view our Safety and Allergy guidelines for specific information. 

Q: Your lines seem very skin type specific. My skin is definitely a mix of everything. Which line should I purchase?

A: If you are unsure about your skintype, you can use our SKINCARE TEST link for suggested products. If you know your skin is truly a "jack-of-all-trades," the On The House line is suggested. It has minerals that promote healthy skin in addition to oil control and adding moisture. 

Q: Are the Elia Facecare eyelashes individuals or strip lashes? 

A: The Elia Facecare lashes are 100% mink strip lashes. 

Q: Do the Elia Facecare eyelashes come with eyelash glue?

A: They do not come with individual glue. Here is my favorite that I recommend and it can be purchased at your local beauty supply or drugstore.